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Public Scholarship

Peer-Reviewed Journals

Forthcoming: The Feeling of Destiny.

2020: In Pursuit of Masculinity: On Aging Bodies, Migration and Youthful Masculinities. Journal of Bodies, Sexualities and Masculinities, Vol. 1, No. 2, 47-63. »Read here»


Book Chapters 

2023: Migratory Masculinities and Vulnerabilities: Temporality and Affect in the Lives of Irregularised Pakistani Men. In G. Stahl and Y. Zhao (Eds.), Migratory Men: Place, Transnationalism and Masculinities, 236-252. London: Routledge. »Read here» 

2020: The Management of Refugee Repatriation: How Voluntary are "Voluntary" Returns from Germany? In M. Makki, A. Azam, S. A. Akash, and F. Khan (Eds.), Forced Migration and Conflict-Induced Displacement: Impacts and Prospective Responses, 21-36. Islamabad: NUST Press.

Book Reviews | Working Papers (Published) 

2022: Review of "The Stranger as my Guest: A Critical Anthropology of Hospitality" by Agier, Michel (2021). Social Anthropology, Vol. 30, No. 3, 163-165. »Read here»

2021: Review of "Big Capital in an Unequal World: The Micropolitics of Wealth in Pakistan" by Rosita Armytage (2020). Social Anthropology, Vol. 29, No. 1, 257-258. »Read here»

2020: Inducing Return to Pakistan: "Voluntary" Return Programs in Germany. The South Asianist Journal, Vol. 7, No. 1, 57-70. (Working paper/preprint revised into the NUST Press book chapter above). »Read here»


Public Scholarship (Selected Publications)

2021: Österreich will Musa nicht. Hinterland Magazine, Issue 50: 69-72. (German translation of the Sapiens article below) »Read here»

2021: When “Voluntary” Return Is Not a Real Option for Asylum-Seekers. Sapiens: Wenner-Gren Foundation Anthropology Magazine [Published by the University of Chicago Press]. »Read here»

2020: Interview titled "Die Idee der freiwilligen Rückkehr ad absurdum geführt.” Der Spiegel, edited by Maria Stöhr. »Read here»

2020: Is the Pandemic a Chance to Challenge Global Inequality? Sapiens: Wenner-Gren Foundation Anthropology Magazine [Published by the University of Chicago Press]. »Read here»

2020: Europa schießt scharf. Der Spiegel, Issue 20/2020, 78-81. (with Christides, G., Lüdke, S. & Popp, M.)

2020: The Killing of a Migrant at the Greek-Turkish Border. Spiegel Online (with Christides, G., Lüdke, S., & Popp, M. as a reporter; credited at the end of the piece). »Read here»

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